Uriage Roséliane Mask for sensitive skin 40 ml

Uriage Roséliane Mask for sensitive skin 40 ml


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The soothing mask with a light, non-greasy texture, thanks to its Uriage Thermal Water content, known for its soothing, moisturizing and protective effects, provides instant soothing and long-lasting skin comfort with a tendency to flush.

ROSÉLIANE FACE MASK restores and strengthens skin barrier hydration and protects it from aggressive environmental influences. 
It soothes the feeling of overheating and tension of the skin, visibly reduces its redness and prevents its deepening. Apply a thick layer of mask to the face and leave it for 10 minutes. Remove the mask with a soft swab and then treat the skin with Uriage Thermal Water. We use it as often as necessary.


Renewing and Enhancing the Skin Barrier
Roséliane cream with a highly moisturizing effect provides immediate and long-lasting comfort thanks to the Uriage Thermal Water content.

Strengthening vascular walls
Ginseng and red algae extracts strengthen the walls of blood vessels and prevent the formation of permanently cracked red veins in the face.

Enhancement of the immunological barrier
The product contains the TLR-2 Regul regulating the immune response and a new exclusive patent by URIAGE SK5R (Specific-Kallikrein-5-Regulator), which regulates the activity of the enzyme Kallikrein 5 responsible for vasodilation and inflammation leading to redness .

Apply a thick layer on well cleansed skin without makeup. Let the mask act for 5 to 10 minutes. Gently remove any excess with a cotton pad. Afterwards, apply Uriage Thermal Water to increase the healing effect.


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