Uroval MEGA Cranberry forte syrup 200 ml

Uroval MEGA Cranberry forte syrup 200 ml


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UROVAL ® syrup contains a complex of natural substances suitable for acute urological problems. The syrup form is suitable for small children.

The product has been evaluated by the Czech Pediatric Society!


  • positively affects the activity of the bladder,
  • helps prevent the occurrence of unwanted bacteria in the urinary tract,
  • a suitable supplement when and after taking antibiotics for urinary problems.

Active substances

  1. They help prevent bacteria from attaching to the urinary tract walls : it has been shown that the administration of cranberries and D-mannose can eliminate bladder problems in up to 90% of cases.2,3)
  2. It shows a rapid onset of action : a marked improvement usually occurs within 24 hours! 2)
  3. They help maintain a healthy urinary tract : highly concentrated cranberry extract (36 mg proanthocyanidins per daily dose) plays an important role in reducing urological problems and improving health status.4,5)

Adults and children over 3 years of age take 20 ml syrup per day. Children from 6 months to 3 years take 10 ml of syrup per day. The dose may be divided into several smaller doses. Can be diluted with water to taste. Shake before use! Do not exceed the recommended daily dose.


  Content per day (20 ml)
cranberry extract 360 mg (equivalent to 36 mg PAC *)


250 mg
Additives: invert syrup (D-glucose 42%, D-fructose 42%, sucrose 8%), citric acid (acidity regulator), sodium bicarbonate (baking soda), sodium benzoate, potassium sorbate (preservatives).

* PAC - Proanthocyanidins

Store in a dry place at temperatures from 5 ° C to 25 ° C. Keep out of reach of children! Do not expose to direct sunlight!

Suitable for children from 6 months of age! Suitable for pregnant and nursing women. Not suitable for diabetic patients. Gluten-free. The food supplement does not replace a varied diet. Do not exceed the recommended daily dosage. Keep out of reach of children!

200 ml

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