Vagisan Moisturizing Cream 50 g -

Vagisan Moisturizing Cream 50 g


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Moisturizing cream when dry in the intimate area.

Detailed product information

To alleviate vaginal dryness problems
It has a twofold effect: it gives the vaginal mucosa moisture and the nourishing lipids (fats). The vaginal mucosa softens softly - and it is completely free of hormones.
To apply to the vagina, use an applicator that will be half filled with cream and then inserted into the vagina. Apply once a day or less frequently (eg 2-3 times a week), preferably at bedtime. Frequency of use depends on individual problems. We recommend wearing a panty liner during use.

To treat the outer intimate parts and the vaginal entrance, the cream can be applied several times a day directly to the skin.
The cream may also be used during pregnancy and lactation.
In the case of a dry vagina it can be applied even before sexual intercourse.

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