Valavani Magnetifico Pheromone Selection Women Perfume 2 ml -

Valavani Magnetifico Pheromone Selection Women Perfume 2 ml


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The unique composition of the MAGNETIFICO power of pheromones for women has been put together to help increase the sexual appeal of women from the perspective of men. Contains ingredients designed for the subconscious increase in "sexual chemistry". They have been designed to help you not only increase your sexual attractiveness, but also during your job interview, school exams or business meetings. They will also help you to increase your respect for your sculptors in love.


The MAGNETIFICO - power of pheromones range has a unique formula that was developed under the AT-SC-R FORMULA. AT-SC-R FORMULA for woman is a unique combination of substances designed to help you increase sexual attraction from the perspective of men using their subconscious and senses. They are supposed to help increase women's self-esteem and respect for both men and women.

How to use?

You use it as a classic perfume. Apply to neck, décolleté or clothing.

How does it smell?

Selection is a combination of lush floral chords, pure patchouli tone and distinctive fruit tones. In the final stage, the fragrance passes to woody notes that complement the entire composition. It is a captivating fragrance full of imagination and femininity.


  • Type : citrus - flower - fruity
  • Head : apple, tangerine, peach
  • Heart : cedar wood, orange blossom, caramel, jasmine
  • Basis : vanilla, patchouli, raspberry, sandalwood

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