VAXOL ear spray 10 ml -

VAXOL ear spray 10 ml


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Vaxol is a natural ear spray that provides an easy and effective way to soften and remove earwax. Its regular use reduces the risk of sebaceous plugs and the risk of inflammation of the external auditory canal.

Detailed product information

VAXOL ear spray 10 ml

Vaxol is a natural ear spray that provides an easy and effective method of softening and naturally removing earwax, which also reduces the need for earwashes. Its regular use reduces the risk of sebaceous plugs (so-called plugs) and the risk of inflammation.


Who is Vaxol intended for?

- babies and children

- adults and elderly

- water sports people

- persons using hearing aids (hearing aids, headphones, phonendoscopes).



100% olive oil processed according to pharmaceutical standards. It does not contain water and no other ingredients.


When and how to use Vaxol

When cleaning your ears

1-2 times a week to prevent accumulation of earwax.

Vaxol softens earwax and softens the ear canal, making earwax easier to get out of the ear canal naturally.


For frequent swimming and water sports

1 application before contact with water.

Vaxol creates a fine protective barrier that limits the leakage of water into the ear. Water also leaks out of the ear. This reduces the risk of developing and developing infection.


When creating a plug of earwax

2 times a day for 4-5 days before the eye rinse.

Vaxol softens earwax, softens the external ear canal and reduces swelling around the sebaceous plug. This makes the flushing easier and faster.



Vaxol disperses the precisely measured dose of olive oil easily after the external ear canal. Vaxol moisturizes and softens earwax, softens the ear canal and helps the natural self-cleaning process in the ear. Regular use prevents clogging of the ear canal and formation of sebaceous plugs and reduces inflammation of the external auditory canal.


Vaxol is different

- More comfortable than drops

- safer than sticks,

- more effective than water.


Safe composition

- does not contain water. Moisture and impurities in the external canal can promote bacterial growth and lead to inflammation.

- does not dry the skin in the external auditory canal,

- does not cause irritation,

- does not cause congestion and swelling of earwax and sebaceous plugs

- does not contribute to bacterial growth.


Benefits of using

Its application is very well tolerated, especially by children and seniors.

Does not leak from ears.

Can be applied while standing, sitting, lying down.

Easy to apply, each dose accurately measured.

Each dose of active ingredient is evenly distributed in the ear canal.

The application is not time consuming.

It is not necessary to rinse the ears after application.

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