Veroval Verified Digital Blood Pressure Gauge with ECG

Veroval Verified Digital Blood Pressure Gauge with ECG


  • $228.50

The device measures heart rate, blood pressure, and heart rate . It helps with the detection of cardiac arrhythmia, which, due to its irregularity, may not be recognized when measured in the office.

This device can also detect atrial fibrillation. Blood clots that often occur during atrial fibrillation can clog blood vessels and cause a stroke or myocardial infarction. Fibrillation tends to occur suddenly and at long intervals . Therefore, doctors often do not detect them during 24-hour heart monitoring by the so-called Holtrem. With Veroval® portable ECG, you can easily record your heart rhythm wherever and when you feel symptoms.

You can simply download measurement data to Veroval® medi.connect for detailed analysis or sharing with your doctor . A USB cable for connection to a computer is included.

Key Benefits of Veroval® Pressure Gauge:

  • Clear icons for evaluation.
  • Extra large LCD display.
  • Link to the free Veroval® medi.connect app.
  • Possibility to store measurements for 2 different persons.

Reliable pressure measurement

With nervousness, blood pressure rises, so many people perceive the doctor's examination as a stressful matter. This is called white coat syndrome, if you have it, the pressure readings in your office are likely to be significantly increased. Measure your pressure in the peace and comfort of home.

Sufficiently large capacity

The instrument can store measurement results for 2 different people. The capacity is enough to store up to 64 measurements for each.

Share the result with your doctor

By transferring data to Veroval® medi.connect, you can easily view detailed graphs and measurement results, as well as a detailed ECG curve. You can export the curve and other measurement results to PDF and print or email it to your doctor.

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