Veroval CRP home test to detect a bacterial infection -

Veroval CRP home test to detect a bacterial infection


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Viral or bacterial infection? - That's the question

Antibiotics are very effective medicines. But they only work on bacteria - not viruses. With the Veroval ® Test "Will They Help You Treat Antibiotics?" You can now quickly and reliably determine whether your infection is caused by bacteria and whether it makes sense to use antibiotics. As soon as you know the result, you can consult your doctor for further steps.

Benefits of Home CRP Test:

  • Saves time - you know the result in 5 minutes
  • There is no threat in the doctor's waiting room - you may not have a bacterial infection, but the patient in the waiting room next to you may have it.
  • You are not taking unnecessary antibiotics - without a CRP test, antibiotics can be used even when they are not needed
  • High Accuracy - Accuracy greater than 95% has been demonstrated in a functional study
  • Painless collection - just one drop of blood is enough
  • You can do the test at any time of the day
  • It is also suitable for children

How does the test work?

The fast CRP test "Help you to treat antibiotics?" Was developed to increase the accuracy and reliability of modern diagnostics available for personal use at home. The test determines the concentration of CRP (C-reactive protein) in the blood. CRP provides information about the immune system response to incipient bacterial inflammation. If the values ​​are high, it is necessary to see a doctor to assess the health and, if necessary, to apply antibiotics. In case of low or slightly elevated values, this is a viral disease and no antibiotics are needed to treat.

Important information:

CRP is a significant indicator of ongoing infection and inflammation. However, the final assessment of the clinical diagnosis must be made by a physician. To verify the effect of antibiotics after their use, we recommend repeating the test with a new test.

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