Vetericyn Plus Eye Gel for animals 89ml -

Vetericyn Plus Eye Gel for animals 89ml


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Eye gel for irritated eyes of animals.

Detailed product information

For relief from burning, splitting, eye pruritus, eye contact with contaminants, contaminants and eye irritation.

Indications :

The product is used to relieve burns, splitting and itching of the eyes and eye contact with pollutants and contaminants. Its use is safe for all animal species.

Instructions for use:

Apply Veterinary eye gel to the affected eyes 1-2 times a day as needed. Rinsing is not necessary. The use of the product is safe for all animal species. The product is designed for surface use with intact cornea. The best results can be achieved by rinsing the eye of the eye from the eye of the impurities using the eyewash of Vetericyn.

Components : Effective: HClO (0.010%) Not effective: Electrolyzed water (H2O), NaCl, NaClO, Lithium Sodium silicate, Sodium bicarbonate,

Content : 89ml

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