Vichy Aminexil Clinical 5 Anti Hair Loss treatment for Men 21x6 ml -

Vichy Aminexil Clinical 5 Anti Hair Loss treatment for Men 21x6 ml


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A hair treatment for men strengthens the hair and prevents it from falling out. New improved formula for even better hair enhancement effects.

Detailed product information

A hair treatment for men strengthens the scalp and prevents hair loss , which can be caused by many internal and external factors such as stress or fatigue. As a result, the hair, root and hair will become unbalanced and the hair will fall. Improved composition hair combines Aminexil with five active ingredients to reduce micronutrient and increase scalp resistance in men.


  • increase scalp resistance
  • reduce hair loss due to stress or fatigue
  • specially designed for men


A man's hair treatment was developed in collaboration with dermatologists. The new improved formula prevents hair loss even more effectively. It combines Aminexil - a reference molecule with proven clinical efficacy against hair loss - and five active ingredients to increase skin resilience and alleviate its micro balance.


The preparation can be used in two ways, such as intensive or maintenance treatment. For intensive treatment, take one ampoule a day for six weeks. Apply to dry or wet hair. Use three ampoules of week during maintenance. The cure is for external use only. Apply to the scalp and avoid eye contact. In case of eye contact, rinse immediately with clean water.

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