Vichy Neovadiol Magistral Elixir 30 ml


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Elixir for skin smoothing and restoration of density and youthful appearance. It ensures a healthy skin tone and an instant feeling of comfort. For sensitive skin after menopause.

Detailed product information

The skin smoothing potion and restoration can be used as a serum, balsam or mask. It is specially formulated for mature skin and its recovery during and after the menopause. With the aid of rice bran oil, butter from Karite and Pro-Xylan, there is an immediate sense of comfort and gradual restoration of youthful appearance.


  • smoothing the skin and restoring its density
  • restoring a youthful appearance
  • an instant feeling of comfort
  • specially designed for sensitive skin during and after menopause


Smoothing elixir is designed for skin undergoing and after menopause, when the skin is gray with unhealthy tone, dry, fragile, sensitive and wrinkled. Its restoration and restoration of dense and youthful looks are handled by active ingredients, especially rice bran oil, Karite and Pro-Xylane butter.


The Elixir is for use as a serum, balsam or mask. For the serum, drop a few drops in your palm and spread it all over your face and neck alone or under the cream. For balsam, mix 2–3 drops with day or night care to create a deep skin nourishment balm. To create a mask, spread 10 drops in your palms and apply to your skin. After ten minutes, gently wipe off the unabsorbed residue with a paper towel.

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