Vichy Slow Age Night Care 50 ml -

Vichy Slow Age Night Care 50 ml


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Fresh night care that restores skin and helps to oxygenate it. During the night, it smoothes the skin and improves skin barrier restoration.

Detailed product information

Naturally colored gel care that is easily absorbed into the skin, containing antioxidant active agents against skin aging: Resveratrol and Baicalin. During the night, it smoothes the skin and improves skin barrier restoration . For animated, unified and brightened skin.

Upon waking up, your skin will be fully hydrated and brightened . Night after night, the skin renewal process improves, fine lines are smoothed. Suitable for sensitive skin. Hypoallergenic. Dermatologically tested.


  • CLEAN RESVERATROL - a botanical extract whose exceptional antioxidant properties are highly valued in traditional Chinese medicine. In addition, Resveratrol stimulates mitochondria and promotes cellular respiration , making the skin look healthy and clear.
  • BAICALIN - can reduce skin aging processes that are imperceptible to the eye.
  • PROBIOTIK BIRIDUS DERIVATIVE  - Strengthening active substance supports and strengthens the protective function of the skin barrier, which is vulnerable and sensitive to external influences. It also reduces its dryness and sensitivity.


Apply every evening to the face and neck skin. Also use as a mask - apply a thin coat once a week and leave for 10 minutes. Then massage. Remove excess product with a cotton swab. Avoid the eyes and lips.

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