VITAgyn C vaginal cream with acidic pH of 30 g


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VITAgyn C® Vaginal Cream with Acid pH is a new non-hormonal product that helps to treat and prevent recurrent bacterial vaginoses and urinary tract infections.Bacterial vaginosis is most often manifested by a white vaginal discharge with a characteristic "fishy" odor. 

Recovery of acidic vaginal pH, which normally ranges between 3.8 and 4.4, suppresses the growth of bacterial vaginosis-responsible microorganisms. It creates an acidic environment unfavorable to the growth of pathogenic bacteria and fungi (eg E. coli, Trichomonas vaginalis, Candida albicans) and prevents not only the recurrence of vaginal but also urinary infections. The acidic environment in the vagina stimulates the growth of lactobacilli, which normally occur in the vagina and produce lactic acid and hydrogen peroxide.

VITAgyn C® has an immediate effect on reducing vaginal pH due to the content of highly stable sodium C-ascorbyl formate. In addition, it also contains lactic acid - a natural part of a healthy acid vaginal secretion. VITAgyn C® also contains maltodextrins, which are used by the lactobacilli in the vagina as food, thus directly stimulating their multiplication and growth.

Thus, using VITAgyna C® stimulates the growth of your own lactobacilli and is therefore superfluous to administer in the form of capsules or creams to the vagina.

Which disabilities do you recommend using VITAgyn C®? 
We recommend using VITAgyn C® to prevent recurrence of vaginal and urinary infections, eg in women around the menopause, in breastfeeding women and in girls and women taking hormonal contraceptives.

Is it advisable to use VITAgyn C® after antibiotic or antifungal treatment? 
We recommend VITAgyn C® after taking antibiotics, where the vaginal flora balance is disturbed and the pH in the vagina rises. A high pH causes overgrowth of pathogenic bacteria, which may result in discharge. VITAgyn C® reduces pH and thus quickly restores vaginal balance.

Is VITAgyn C® Effective in Fish Poisonous Disease? 
VITAgyn C® is recommended for use in stinking outflows, which can occur with excessive use of vaginal lavage, after menstruation, during use of hormonal contraceptives, after a visit to a swimming pool or after unprotected sex.

Is it advisable to use VITAgyn C® in pregnancy? 
VITAgyn C® helps in the treatment of bacterial vaginoses. Bacterial vaginosis may cause premature birth and low birth weight of the newborn. VITAgyn C® can also be used safely during pregnancy.

Instructions for use:

Wash your hands carefully before using this product.

  1. open the tube and screw the disposable applicator onto its neck.
  2. gently press the tube until the applicator is filled with the cream cap.
  3. unscrew the applicator from the tube and insert it as deeply as possible into the vagina. To facilitate the introduction of the applicator, we recommend a lying position. Push the applicator plunger until it is completely empty. The applicator must not be reused after use and should be discarded after use.


Apply VITAgyn C® vaginal cream once a day, preferably in the evening before storing it for six consecutive days. Use 1 to 2 weekly applications for 12 weeks or more for maintenance. VITAgyn C® Vaginal Cream is odorless, leaves no greasy residue and does not stain your underwear.

For weekly removal of cream or other vaginal medications, we recommend vaginal lavage with AFLOVAG®



Ascorbyl sodium phosphate, maltodextrins, silver citrate, lactic acid, shea butter, tocopheryl acetate, sweet almond oil.


1 tube with 30 g cream and 6 disposable applicators.

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