VITAMIN STATION Quick test Syphilis 1 pc

VITAMIN STATION Quick test Syphilis 1 pc


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A disease called syphilis is caused by a spiral pathogen called Treponema pallidum (TP), which is most commonly spread through sexual intercourse, but can also be transmitted through infected blood during transfusions or from mother to baby in the womb. Test yourself on time, comfortably and discreetly at home! With an early diagnosis, your doctor may start early treatment to prevent more serious symptoms.

Early diagnosis will facilitate the treatment of the disease

Syphilis is a venereal disease that develops in four different stages.  Each is characterized by different clinical signs: from an initial ulcer called a pancreas, through a syphilitic rash followed by a long rest period. Eventually, untreated infection leads to cardiovascular problems and neurosyphilis. The diagnosis of infection is based on the detection of antibodies in the blood that appear soon after the initial infection . The Syphilis Rapid Test is a highly specific, rapid immunoassay for the detection of anti-TP antibodies from a blood sample taken from a finger. In case of a positive test, visit your general practitioner and consult the next procedure exclusively with him.

Main features:

  • self-diagnostic test for the detection of antibodies against treponema pallidum
  • easy and fast to use
  • result in as little as 10 minutes
  • reliability 97%
  • the package contains all the material needed to perform the test


1. Wash your hands with soap and rinse them with clean water.
2. Tear open the protective bag (notched) and remove only the cartridge and pipette. Discard the small bag with desiccant. 
3. Push the small orange pin all the way into the lancet until you hear a click to indicate that the device is activated. 
4. Remove the orange pin by turning it left or right. 
5. Clean your tummy of your index finger or middle finger with an alcohol wipe. Massage the end of the finger so that the abdomen of the finger is perfused.
6. Firmly push the end of the lancet onto the alcohol-cleaned finger to make good contact. Press the start button.
7. The needle tip is automatically and safely retracted after the injection.
8. Massage the end of your pierced finger to get a drop of blood. 
9. Place the pipette on the drop of blood without compressing the balloon. The blood is drawn into the pipette up to the marked comma due to capillarity. If the blood has not reached the comma, you can massage your finger again until there is enough sample. If possible, avoid bubbles.
10. Drip the sample by squeezing the balloon on the pipette into the test window on the cartridge as shown.
11. Wait for the blood to be absorbed from the test window. Unscrew the blue cap of the plastic dropper (leave the white cap firmly screwed in) and add 4-5 drops of solvent to the test window.
12. After 10 minutes, evaluate the test according to the package leaflet. Do not evaluate after more than 15 minutes. 

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