VITAMIN STATION Rapid test Allergy-total IgE 1 pc

VITAMIN STATION Rapid test Allergy-total IgE 1 pc


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Do you sneeze, your eyes itch, your nose is running, or do you have a rash? Not sure if your health problems are caused by allergies , infections or, for example, a virus? Get an immediate and reliable answer with the VITAMIN STATION Allergy Test - complete IgE!

How does it all work?

Individuals with allergies (hypersensitivity) to various substances (pollen, dust, feathers, food, animal fur, etc.) have abnormally high levels of IgE antibodies in their blood - immunoglobulin E. Allergies can not only be congenital, but also more and more often occur during life. whether in childhood or adulthood. The main symptoms of hypersensitivity are reddening of the skin, rash, tearing, sneezing, burning in the nose or swelling . You can easily confuse these symptoms with symptoms of viral or bacterial infections such as the flu, cold, sore throat, etc. Therefore, if these problems accompany you for a long time, it is important to check whether your IgE level is too high or prone to allergies. If the level of immunoglobulin E exceeds the average value, it is advisable to see a doctorto help you identify a specific allergen and prescribe individual treatment.

Main features:

  • self-diagnostic test for IgE levels in the blood
  • easy and fast to use
  • result in as little as 10 minutes
  • reliability 97%
  • the package contains all the material needed to perform the test


1. Wash your hands with soap and rinse them with clean water.
2. Tear open the protective bag (notched), removing only the cartridge and pipette.
3. Push the small orange pin all the way into the lancet until you hear a click to indicate that the device is activated.
4. Remove the orange pin by turning it left or right.
5. Clean your tummy of your index finger or middle finger with an alcohol wipe. Massage the end of the finger up and down so that the abdomen of the finger is perfused.
6. Firmly push the end of the lancet onto the alcohol-cleaned finger to make good contact. Press the start button.
7. The needle tip is automatically and safely retracted after the injection.
8. Massage the end of your pierced finger to get a drop of blood.
9. Place the pipette on the drop of blood without compressing the balloon. The blood is drawn into the pipette up to the marked comma due to capillarity. If the blood has not reached the comma, you can massage your finger again until you have enough of the sample. If possible, avoid bubbles.
10. Drip a blood sample into the test window on the cartridge.
11. Wait for the blood to be absorbed from the test window and add 4-5 drops from the buffer vial.
12. After 10 minutes, evaluate the test according to the package leaflet. Do not evaluate after more than 15 minutes.

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