Voltaren VoltActive ankle bandage left size S 1 pc


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Live every day to the fullest! The VoltActive ankle bandage provides protection and stabilization of the ankle , provides support to muscles, tendons and ligaments  and relieves pain . It will help you recover from an injury as well as during an active life. It is suitable as a prevention and support in case of sprains or sprains of the ankle, stretching of tendons and muscles or osteoarthritis. Helps prevent recurrence of injury.

Voltaren VoltActive ankle bandage left size L 1 pc3

Experience the joy of movement again

The bandage is suitable for everyday wear during normal activities and for  moderately demanding activities  - hiking, running, tennis, football, strength training or working in the garden. The functional elastic material adapts to your movement and the anatomical shape of the knit provides maximum comfort . With this practical bandage, you can fully focus on what you really care about. 

Voltaren VoltActive ankle bandage left size L 1 pc5

Main features:

  • the bandage provides ankle support
  • helps with injuries as well as prevention
  • relieves pain
  • protects against further injury
  • comfortable to wear 
  • on the left ankle
  • size S corresponds to the circumference above the ankle 19-21 cm

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