WAHL 858454 Double sided brush for dog coat -

WAHL 858454 Double sided brush for dog coat


  • $30.50

Blend the hair of your four-legged pets and keep their hairs bright and shiny. The double-sided brush includes needles on one side and a brush on the other side. Effectively from animal hair removes hair and parasites that the animal has trapped outside for a walk.

Detailed product information

Wahl has created a double-sided brush for all male owners, which is specially made to chew a dog's coat. The brush is suitable for all breeds, whether they have a long, medium or short coat. In addition to combing the brush, it also serves to smooth the hair, bleed the skin and polish the hair so that the dog will look great and feel.

Two sides

The brush is equipped with needles on the one hand, with the finer brush bristles on the other. During the combing process, the animal's skin is massaged, which stimulates its circulation and gives it a pleasant feeling. The brush will be easy to use thanks to a rubberised ergonomic handle that fits your palm.

Removal of parasites

While walking, the dogs like to sniff and swim in the grass. During the day, a large number of parasites, which may be potentially dangerous, will get into the fur coat. It is therefore recommended to comb your coat at least once a week to ensure that your dog is safe and healthy. The double-sided brush can handle combing parasites from the fur.

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