WAHL 858455 Claw clamps Nail Clipper -

WAHL 858455 Claw clamps Nail Clipper


  • $30.50

The Wahl brand has created a stainless steel blade with a stainless steel blade. Trimming is a fast and safe process that should be repeated regularly to keep animals alive. Clippers can be used in small and large dog breeds.

Detailed product information

Just as people grow nails, dogs grow claws too. If they are too long, they can start to get sick while walking, and there is a risk of inflammation. The Wahl brand has therefore created claw pliers. The handpiece is equipped with a stainless steel blade, with which claw cuts are easy and fast.

For all dogs

The clipper will be used by all dog owners. The device is suitable for use in small as well as mid-sized and large breeds. The ergonomic handle fits right into your palm and ensures comfortable use of the pliers even if your dog is unpaved and claws are not pleasant.

Fast process

You can handle fast and effective claw cut at the comfort of your home. The steel knives are protected by a safety mechanism so that the dog can not be injured when unexpected swelling or other movement occurs. After the claws are cut, the dog immediately recognizes the difference and will be able to run freely and carefree again.

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