Walmark Sinulan Express Forte Spray 15 ml -

Walmark Sinulan Express Forte Spray 15 ml


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For the treatment of rhinitis and sinus diseases.

Detailed product information

Sinulan Express Forte reduces nasal congestion. It contains a hypertonic solution to treat the symptoms of nasal inflammation of various origins. Sinulan Express Forte forms a film on the nasal mucosa. Its physical action releases and removes all undesirable substances found in the nasal cavities , removes swelling and relaxes the patency of the nose . The removal of the biofilm of the blocking cavity opens these cavities, thereby reducing pressure and pain. The film created by Sinulan Express Forte also protects the nasal mucosa from drying out , irritation and external influences. Product components help to improve breathing in a very short time.


  • Removes and removes dirt present in the nasal cavity
  • Releases nasal cavity
  • Relieves pressure and pain by removing the biofilm of the blocking cavity
  • It protects the nasal mucosa from drying up and irritation
  • Protects against negative external influences


Glycerol, water, hydroxypropylcellulose, essential oils from Mentha piperita plants, Eucalyptus globulus, Thymus satureioides, Rosmarinus officinalis.


Slide the nozzle into the nostril and spray the product by compressing the spray. Apply 2–3 sprays to each hole 2–3 times a day or more often if necessary until full recovery.

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