WEIDER Thermo Caps 120 capsules -

WEIDER Thermo Caps 120 capsules


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Weider Thermo Caps - for weight control. It contains herbal extracts (green tea, guarana, Yerba mate), caffeine, L-carnitine, niacin and chromium.

Detailed product information

Weider Thermo Caps is a food supplement in the form of capsules, which is based on a thermogenic fat burner . It is intended exclusively for healthy people and athletes who strive to reduce their weight while doing sports.

Thermo Caps contains L-carnitine, green tea extract, guarana extract, Mate Tea extract, turmeric extract, caffeine, cayenne, niacin and chromium.

Thermo Caps

  • It contributes to normal energy metabolism and reduces fatigue and fatigue ( niacin ).
  • It helps maintain normal blood glucose levels and normal metabolism of macronutrients ( chromium ).
  • It removes excess water from the body ( maté- excretion of water from the body).
  • It helps to effectively stimulate fat metabolism and control body weight (green tea, guarana).
  • Helps regulate weight. Promotes physical and mental vitality (guarana) .
  • It helps to reduce appetite (green tea) .
  • It helps normal digestion (turmeric).


Take 3 capsules daily, ideally before or before exercise. Do not take after 6pm, use may cause insomnia.


L-carnitine 500 mg, green tea extract 400 mg, guarana extract 300 mg, mate tea extract 300 mg, caffeine 160 mg, turmeric extract 45 mg, cayenne 30 mg, chromium 75 µg, niacin 48 mg in 3 capsules .

L-carnitine L-tartrate, green tea extract, gelatin, guarana extract, mate tea extract (Yerba mate), caffeine, nicotinamide (niacin), curcuma extract, anti-caking agent: fatty acid magnesium salts (E470b); cayenne pepper, dyes: Allura red AC (E129), iron oxide (iron oxides and hydroxides (E172)); chromium chloride.


Do not exceed the recommended daily dosage. Keep out of reach of children! It is not intended as a substitute for a varied diet. It is not intended for children, pregnant and breastfeeding women, people suffering from serious diseases. Contains caffeine.

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