Weleda Birch oil for cellulite treatment 200 ml -

Weleda Birch oil for cellulite treatment 200 ml


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Weleda birch oil for cellulite utilizes intensive metabolic processes in young birch leaves. In the fine leaves, valuable essential oils are produced in the spring, which promote the elimination of pollutants. The product promotes a healthy skin balance. It effectively prevents cellulite in people who have a predisposition to it and significantly improves the condition of existing cellulite and the overall appearance of the skin.

The product contains - in addition to the extract of young birch leaves - extracts of rosemary and spiny broadleaf, which activate the metabolism in the skin and the management of body fluids. Dermatological tests have shown the efficacy of the product: after 28 days of use, the skin has been firmed and smoothed by 21%.


Apricot oil, jojoba oil, wheat germ oil, perfume *, birch leaf extract, limonen *, spiny leaf extract, rosemary extract, linalol *, citronelol *, geraniol *, citral *   

* from natural essential oils


Use oil at least twice a day for the first 4 weeks. Massage it into the skin using circular movements. If you massage the oil into moist skin (eg after shower), it will spread more easily and absorb more quickly. Does not leave an oily film on the skin. Continue to use this product once a day for a more lasting effect.

Certified natural cosmetics. It contains only pure natural ingredients and holds the NATRUE certificate - guarantee of the highest quality of pure natural cosmetics and organic cosmetics. It does not contain any synthetic preservatives, dyes, perfumes or mineral oil-based substances derived from petroleum.

Suitable for vegans.

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