Weleda massage Oil for women 50 ml -

Weleda massage Oil for women 50 ml


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For a harmonious birth

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Regular massages WELEDA perineal massage oil increases the chance of giving birth without a cut. The oil composition based on the finest almond oil and wheat germ oil contains a large amount of vitamin E, releases the perineum tissue and increases its elasticity. In addition, the massage of the tissue improves its blood circulation and thereby increases its compliance. 

It is important for the perineum massage that the perineum, the area between the rectum and the vaginal entrance, is massaged not only externally, but also from within. Therefore, we also perform massages in the area of ​​the vaginal entrance - this is the area most heavily burdened during delivery. The woman takes her thumb about 2 cm into the vagina while stretching and gently stretches the area towards the rectum. At the same time, he massages the dyke from the outside with his fingers. We massage the perineum tissue from week 34 of pregnancy daily for 5 -10 min. Note: when prone to premature contractions, we do not perform damages. 

Almond oil, wheat germ oil, blend of natural essential oils (damascene rose, sage nutmeg). 

50 ml 

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