Whamisa BIO Smoothing Mask Flowers 33 g

Whamisa BIO Smoothing Mask Flowers 33 g


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You will experience a new experience and a feeling of hydrated and clean skin! Whamisa BIO Flowers smoothing mask is made of floral essences and a slightly melting hydrogel. Hydrates the skin in depth and covers current skin imperfections . After application, the skin is soothed and smoothed , redness is reduced and acne is suppressed.

Wealth of active substances from plant extracts

Wormwood, oat and olive extracts soothe the skin and work effectively with the consequences of a damaged skin barrier, such as dehydration, hypersensitivity, redness, itching or acne. Aloe together with the amino acid betaine massively hydrate the skin and at the same time turn it off . Gluconolactone fights wrinkles and loosens clogged pores.

Advanced hydrogel mask technology

Hydrogel mask made of a mixture of Aloe, locust bean bread and other plant extracts will ensure maximum absorption of active ingredients. The mask adheres to the skin and melts gently on contact. It connects the skin with moisture and new energy. Whamisa hydrogel masks are biodegradable and suitable for vegans.


  • richly hydrated skin
  • hydrogel mask ensures maximum absorption of active substances
  • the skin is soothed and smooth, acute skin imperfections are suppressed


After evening cleansing, activate the skin with a tonic. Remove the protective film from the mask and place it on your face. Apply the lower part of the mask from the root of the nose towards the cheekbones. Upper part for the eyes and forehead. Leave on for 20 minutes and then remove the mask. Do not wash unabsorbed serum, but tap gently on the skin. Use at least once a week.

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