Wild Cosmetics ARTRObioactive 200 ml -

Wild Cosmetics ARTRObioactive 200 ml

Wild Cosmetics

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Contains comfrey, excellent remedy for rheumatism, long-term pain in muscles, joints and tendons.

Detailed product information

Use : after evening hygiene, only rub, no massage and leave overnight. Daily apps welcome.

Content : 200ml 

Wild Cosmetics - Company Philosophy
Today , the European market offers a large number of more or less effective herbal products. 
Clients appreciate the high availability of goods with herbal extracts. 
All the more important is the origin of the herbs used. 
Wild Cosmetics has chosen an ambitious approach that is most beneficial for customers. 
Wild cosmetics is based on extracts of "wild herbs" growing in the Orlické Mountains and Broumovský výběžek in the Czech Republic.

Most manufacturers use dried herbs. 
However, the drying process is partly responsible for the loss of active substances. 
Wild cosmetics use only fresh ingredients - a cold base extract is prepared immediately after the herbs are collected. 
This preserves the maximum amount of active substances from wild herbs. 
Roots, fruits, leaves and flowers - all parts are used for extraction.

People like to prepare extracts in water. But many active substances are only soluble in lipids or alcohol. Wild Cosmetics adds alcohol extracts that do not contain artificial colors or flavors to emulsions and gels.

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