Wolfberry Coconut BIO 200 ml -

Wolfberry Coconut BIO 200 ml


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oconut - coconut oil for children.

Detailed product information

There are many ways to make coconut oil, but only one is perfect, the result is Coconut!

Coconut is a coconut oil that is intended for baby skin care from birth. This BEST Coconut Oil is processed with innovative technology that makes our Coconut a particularly clean.

From the beginning of our Kokosík development, we were primarily concerned with obtaining pure essence from the coconut pulp without sludge and residual impurities. And we did. We have, including the packaging, subjected Coconut to the European Dermatological Organization for laboratory dermatological tests of quality and purity and we obtained the certificate 179/1/2016.

In addition to the development of Kokosík itself, however, we also paid great attention to its packaging. It was a matter of making the packaging practical and not breaking, as bathing and handling a small baby can easily occur. After a long search we found a manufacturer of hardened plastic, which was guaranteed by the purity of its product, so the package for Coconut does not contain phthalates, as evidenced by the above-mentioned certificate of the European Dermatological Organization.

Coconut is a pure coconut oil obtained by cold pressing, which is not chemically cleaned, denatured, heat treated, artificially scented or otherwise stabilized thanks to its innovative technology. Coconut is simply a pure natural essence that has a beneficial effect on the skin of all, including newborns, to whom it is primarily dedicated.

Coconut oil contains a variety of vitamins, minerals and omega fatty acids that have a beneficial effect on skin, hair and nail status. It is well suited as a balm for hypersensitive skin that can quickly and without side effects calm down.

Coconut can be used for direct application to the skin, but a teaspoon for your baby's bath will be enough to make sure that its hair and skin will be deeply hydrated, nourished, and will have a natural barrier against harmful external influences. And as a bonus, you can take your baby to smell beautiful.

Country of origin: Czech Republic, company Wolfberry sro

Content : 200ml

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