Zoosorb for animals and pets 25g

Zoosorb for animals and pets 25g


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Zoosorb is a veterinary product - a compound feed containing 100% silica (SiO2). It is nontoxic, does not traumatize the gastrointestinal tract and is well drained, has favorable sorption properties and does not cause dysbiosis.
Zoosorb is able to bind itself and subsequently remove toxins, allergens and harmful products of metabolism from the body, it is suitable for the prophylactic cleansing of the organism. It is used as first aid for animal poisoning, infectious or chronic diarrhea. indigestion, nausea, anorexia or flatulence of animals and also as part of the treatment of bacterial infections and allergies. It acts as a selective filter in the gastrointestinal tract, capturing only harmful substances such as toxic substances, bacteria, viruses, allergens, but retaining the substances needed. It removes pathogenic bacteria from the intestinal tract, thereby helping to adjust the intestinal microflora balance and support the body's defenses.
Package contains 25 g.

Dosage and method of use

Zoosorb is administered to animals only in the form of a prepared water suspension, always 1-2 hours before feeding, or administration of prescribed medicinal products. Served 2-3 times a day.
The powder is mixed with water at a specified rate (see enclosed dosing table) and the resulting suspension is administered directly to the animals in the mouth with a plastic syringe, or admixed with food, treats or drinking water. It is recommended to use it at the first signs of diarrhea or poisoning.


In case of acute and emergency conditions, administer Zoosorb as agreed with the attending veterinarian.

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