Cosmeceuticals are skin care products that fall into the highest category. It is created by the Swiss brand Fytofontana, which prides itself on natural skin cosmetics. After decades of careful research, the international company Fytofontana has created a revolutionary Fytofontana Stem Cells cosmetic line with stem cells. Products full of modern active ingredients are specially formulated to protect and restore stem cells

Significance of stem cells

Our skin is made up of stem cells that guarantee a young, beautiful and fresh look. However, with increasing age the functionality of the cells decreases and many of them disappear. As a result, wrinkles are formed on the skin and the skin loses its glow. By using Cosmeceuticals from the Fytofontana range, you will ensure regular renewal and increased resistance to your stem cells. The cells will work properly for a long time and your skin will remain beautiful and without wrinkles.

The secret of innovation

Fytofontana products are created with a unique combination of TrioStem complex and peptides. It is a new innovation in cosmetology, when the cell activator enters the skin, which constantly renews and improves the structure of the skin. TrioStem Complex is composed of the stem cells of bitter orange and Swiss apple, so it is a completely natural product that has a pleasant feeling on the skin and its beneficial effects can be recognized almost immediately. By incorporating peptides with an intensive anti-wrinkle and regenerative effect and combining them with the TrioSt Complex, you will not only make your skin look beautiful, but also healthy and firm in its structure.

Depigmentation cosmetics

Fytofontana will not only help you fight wrinkles and aging skin. Fytofontana Stem Cells Pigment products are specifically designed to correct pigmentation defects. Carefully selected formula is sensitive to pigmented skin, which naturally lightens and balances the skin tone on the cheeks and neck. These products can be applied both on the whole face and neck as well as locally if you need to remove specific pigment spots.